Every story starts with a first draft

Every story starts with a first draft – an unedited proof – that contains all of the original thoughts and machinations of the storyteller.⁠ While editing has its necessities, sometimes, it's interesting to explore those first drafts; to see the thing at its raw, unpolished core.

Hemingway Whiskey Co. is proud to introduce its inaugural cask strength release, proudly and exclusively selected by Fred Minnick's Club Marzipan, a membership community that embodies a love for exploring whiskey.

During a visit to the Hemingway Social Club in Key West, Club Marzipan was introduced to Hemingway Rye Cask Strength. Originally set to choose one barrel, Club Marzipan members were so impressed that they selected four, marking Hemingway Whiskey Co.'s first-ever cask strength releases.

The collaboration celebrates the intricate flavor profiles and compelling stories embedded in each whiskey, encapsulating a joint commitment to the art of fine spirits.⁠

Hemingway Rye Cask Strength

Straight from barrel to bottle, Hemingway Rye Cask Strength is the unedited first draft of our award-winning product. Selected by Fred Minnick's Club Marzipan, this exclusive release isa blend of Kentucky 4 yr and Indiana 6 yr straight ryes, finished in rum-seasoned Sherry barrels, then pulled at cask strength.⁠

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